We recommend that you visit the following pages when planning your trip to Iceland.
Íslandshótel has many accommodations of your choosing to travelers from all walks of life with 18 hotels all around Iceland.

Looking for a city break, nature, culture, activities and aspirations? We’ve got you covered. From a sophisticated convention hotel in Reykjavík to a local experiences near spectacular natural attractions, we’ve got everything a traveler needs.

Plan your personalized trip to Iceland with Hey Iceland as your local travel agent. Check out our tours, activities and accommodations through us.
This page is the official tourism website of the Reykjavik Capital area. There you can find useful information about accommodation, things to do and much more.
This page is the official tourism information site for Iceland. A list of tour operators and travel agencies among list of events and news from Iceland are available there. A list of accommodation is also available on this website.


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