Below you can see the prizes that will be given to winners in the 2024 Suzuki Midnight Sun Run. 

Participation prizes

All the runners who finish the race will receive a medal.

Prize money

First three men, women and non-binary in the half marathon will receive prize money. *Prizes will not be awarded if less than 3 complete the race in each category.

Half marathon - male, female, non-binary

70.000 ISK
40.000 ISK
25.000 ISK

Age group prizes

First place, male, female and non-binary in the half marathon, the 10K race and the 5K race in every age group will receive a prize. 

Three female runners with their prizes


  • Suzuki
  • Corsa
  • ÍTR
  • 66 north
  • Gatorade