Terms and Conditions

Information on General Terms and Terms of Payment 

The following Terms are valid from April 17th 2022. 

The General Terms and Terms of Payment posted below have been drawn up by the Reykjavik Sports Association (RSA/Íþróttabandalag Reykjavíkur). The information applies to the running event Suzuki Midnight Sun Run 2024 and the Summerrun series the run is part of. 



  1. The following Terms shall apply between the Reykjavik Sports Association and any participant in the event organised by the Reykjavik Sports Association. By signing up and paying an entry fee for the event the Participant agrees to defer to the Terms.  
  2. The Reykjavik Sports Association shall not be held responsible for the health of the Participant in the event, whether this be during, or in immediate connection with, the race in question. Further, neither the Reykjavik Sports Association nor any of its staff or collaborators will assume responsibility for any physical, mental or financial loss that occurs to the participant while participating in the event. 
  3. The Reykjavik Sports Association reserves the right to update or alter these Terms at any time for reasons of force majeure (natural catastrophes, adverse weather conditions etc.). Any such changes will be notified to the participant by e-mail. 
  4. Where a person registers other persons beside himself/herself/themself as Participants, he/she/they undertakes to inform those Participants of the existence and content of these Terms. Should a Participant not agree to the Terms, a written notification of this must be submitted to the Reykjavik Sports Association within 48 hours of registration but latest two days before the race.  
  5. The Participant agrees to the processing by the Reykjavik Sports Association of any information submitted by him/her via the registration website concerning himself/herself and any other Participant, provided that the information is used only as part of the normal operation of the Reykjavik Sports Association. This includes the publication of results, dispatches by post, e-mails, as well as information published on the race website. 
  6. All personal information, provided by participants, will be treated with full confidentiality and according to the information privacy laws. More detailed information about the use of information from private individuals can be found in the data protection law protocol of the Reykjavik Sports Association and is, in every way, impregnable to these terms. 
  7. Personal information will not be passed to a third party, with the only exception to this rule being, the official event photographer who will be provided with participants’ e-mail addresses. Reykjavik Sports Association reserves the right to use any and all photos taken by the official race photographers of participants in any of its events for marketing and promotional purposes. 
  8. Prior to an event, the Participant will receive a few e-mails from Reykjavik Sports Association containing important information about the event, the schedule and the race number pick-up. Some e-mails containing information regarding other events organised by Reykjavik Sports Association may also be sent out. Runners who do not wish to receive e-mails from Reykjavik Sports Association will always have the option to unsubscribe from the mailing list and will then miss important information. 
  9. Those who register themselves and others to the event agrees to follow the rules for the competitions which you can find on the event website and ensure that all participant information is correct.  
  10. All trade names, brands, logos etc. appearing on the race website are protected by Icelandic and international law and may not be used without a written approval from the Reykjavik Sports Association. 
  11. The Reykjavik Sports Association is not responsible for the contents of any website linked to the event website and not maintained by the Reykjavik Sports Association. The official race website is midnightrun.is    
  12. Domicile is in Reykjavik. 



  1. The Reykjavik Sports Association registration system shows the entry fee to be paid in Icelandic Kronas (ISK) 
  2. The total amount shown represents the final fee for the chosen distance. No taxes will be added to that amount.  
  3. Registration fees for the Suzuki Midnight Sun Run cannot be refunded but name changes can be made while on-line registration is open. Registered participant is responsible for the race ticket they have purchased and cannot give away their ticket unless name change has been done. Registration cannot be deferred to next year’s event or other events organized by RSA. 
  4. Should an event not take place as planned due to force majeure (natural catastrophe, adverse weather conditions etc.), paid entry fees for the events will not be refunded.  
  5. Registration for the event is only possible if the required entry fees are paid simultaneously.  


For further information or clarification please send us an e-mail: ibr@ibr.is


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