All participants in the Suzuki Midnight Sun Run will receive a race number that must be affixed to the front of the shirt before the race begins. Safety pins are included to secure the number.

There will be time trials in all distances, i.e. half marathon, 10K and 5K race. The timekeeping chip that measures participants' time in these distances is built into the race number. It is especially important not to fold the number to avoid damage. The number should be securely fastened on the front of the shirt and keep it clearly visible, especially when crossing the timekeeping mats.

Timekeeping mats will be located at the finish line and at several selected locations along the route. The time trial starts when the starting shot/noise is fired and ends when the runner reaches the finish line, and that time is called gun time. The so-called chip time is also measured from the time the runner crosses the mat at the beginning of the race to give him an exact personal time, regardless of how late in the group he was at the start. Gun time is the time that counts for the finals of the race, as required by international rules on legal street racing.

Everyone who registers to the app (Corsa) will receive a chip time notification shortly after they arrive at the finish line. You can also view it on my page.


  • Suzuki
  • ÍTR
  • 66 north
  • Gatorade